3 Things To Ask at Your Oral Surgeon Consult Visit

Posted on: December 3, 2019

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An oral surgeon is often the right person to talk to for tips about preparing for surgery. There are a variety of dental procedures that require surgery, such as the installation of an implant or the extraction of a wisdom tooth.

Having the right information prior to surgery often makes the recovery go smoother. It can even speed up the patient's rate of recovery.

Questions to ask an oral surgeon

Before surgery a patient typically has a consultation to discuss details of the surgery. Here are the type of questions patients should consider asking the dentist:

1. Is this treatment necessary?

As is the case for other medical-surgical procedures, no one wants to deal with unnecessary treatments. After all, surgery can lead to high costs, loss of time and possible pain during the recovery procedure.

Patients are advised to discuss if there are any other options besides surgery with the dentist. They should also find out what would happen without getting the recommended surgery. Is there a possibility that the problem will go away on its own, or will it get worse? Going over all the pros and cons of the procedure can make it easier for the patient to make an informed decision about their particular situation.

2. What will happen during the surgery?

Patients should find out as much as possible about the procedure they will be undergoing, as this will make preparations easier. For example, the patient may need to avoid food and drinks before the procedure or may need to take antibiotics afterward.

In the case of a prescription for antibiotics, which is quite common after oral surgery, the patient would be better off getting the prescription filled before the treatment. This avoids the exertion of running to the drug store after a surgery. Getting lots of rest is crucial for fast recovery, so being able to gather everything needed during the recovery period before going in for treatment is a huge plus.

3. What goes on during the recovery process?

Patients are advised to follow all instructions provided by the dentist for the recovery period. When in doubt, ask the dentist about how certain things need to be done. For example, a patient who gets a tooth extracted should ask the dentist how often to switch out the gauze used to stop the bleeding from the surgical site.

For surgical procedures like the installation of implants, patients should find out about the type of foods that are safe while the jaw and gums heal from the surgery. Finding out these little details and preparing beforehand can make the recovery process faster and smoother.

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