5 Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Posted on: July 7, 2019

Wondering if mini dental implants are the right choice for you to replace any of your missing teeth? Some of the more common reasons people have missing teeth are because they were in a car accident, play contact sports and got hit the mouth, fell down and hit their mouth on the ground or because they did not take care of their teeth properly. Whatever your reason for missing one or more of your teeth, it is essential for you to find out what your tooth replacement options are so you can make a choice that is right for you.

5 benefits of mini dental implants

The following is a list of five benefits that anyone can expect to experience when they choose to get mini dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Understand that a mini dental implant is simply a smaller version of a regular dental implant.

#1 – They can be used when normal implants are too big

When a dental patient does not have sufficient bone to be approved for a regular dental implant, it is very likely that a mini implant will work instead. The reason a smaller dental implant will work is that its overall diameter is smaller and therefore it will often fit into an area where a regular size dental implant will not.

#2 – They promote jawbone health

When a dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, it promotes the jawbone health because the jawbone is once again being stimulated. Implants are also able to help patients avoid having the appearance of a sunken face, which can happen when they choose a tooth replacement option like traditional dentures.

#3 – They look just like natural teeth

A dental implant not only acts like a natural tooth, but it also looks like a natural tooth. More and more dental patients are choosing natural-looking tooth replacement options these days, as they still want to continue feeling confident when they smile even though they are missing teeth.

#4 – They can be placed in only one dental visit

Due to their size, this smaller implant choice can be placed in a patients mouth in only one trip to the dentist office, which makes the implant process much quicker and much easier when compared to the process for placing regular-sized dental implants.

#5 – They are a permanent tooth replacement option

Once a mini dental implant is placed in a patient's mouth, it is permanent. This makes it essential for patients who choose implants to replace one or more of their teeth to properly take care of them, just like natural teeth.

Are implants the right choice for you?

Now that you understand the benefits of mini dental implants, do you feel that this tooth replacement option is the right choice for you? The first step is to make a consultation appointment. During this initial appointment, feel free to ask the dental professional any questions that you have about getting dental implants, as the more you understand about living with implants, the higher your chances of experiencing success with this tooth replacement option.

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