Ask an Oral Surgeon – Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Always Necessary?

Posted on: May 17, 2021

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Odessa, TX

Once you have become a late teen, you might believe that you will not need a wisdom tooth extraction. However, this might not be true. The wisdom teeth might erupt through the gums until you are a young adult. Knowing more about these teeth and the way that these can act can make it easier to care for them. These might need to be extracted at some point in your life.

About the wisdom teeth

Not everyone has a set of wisdom teeth. These are the most common teeth to be missing congenitally. Some people might have all four, while others might have only one or two. However, these teeth can cause some issues, no matter how many of them are present.

There might be pain in the lower or the upper jaw that suggests that the teeth have issues. The patient might feel like there is a sense of pressure in the mouth. Or the gums around the teeth might be sensitive. It can be inflamed and swollen as well.

On the other hand, the patient might feel no pain. Of course, just because there is no pain does not mean that there is no issue. Many patients never have symptoms. This is why getting a consultation and exam is important to see if a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

Do the teeth always have to be removed?

If the wisdom teeth are impacted, it is hard to clean them correctly. That might mean that a wisdom tooth extraction is the right decision. If the teeth are functional and upright, however, these might not have to be removed. This is true as long as no pain is being caused. The teeth must not be causing any gum disease or decay.

However, even if the teeth do come in correctly, problems might still occur over time. That might be because the teeth are too far back in the patient’s mouth. This makes them hard to clean. For patients who choose to avoid wisdom tooth extraction, it is important to floss and brush well. Regular dentist visits are also necessary.

What does it mean for a tooth to be impacted?

It is common for the wisdom teeth to be impacted. This means that the teeth are buried in the jawbone or soft tissue. This makes them more likely to develop problems such as disease. The issue is that they cannot be cleaned, so they might begin to decay. The dentist will evaluate the teeth to determine if extraction is necessary. If the teeth are buried and likely will not erupt, then the dentist will recommend an extraction.

Get advice about wisdom tooth extraction today

Ultimately, you do not have that much control over whether or not you get wisdom teeth. But you can control how you care for them. It is important to keep up with your hygiene. Visit the dentist regularly to determine if the teeth need to be removed.

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