A Gum Dentist Can Improve Your Health with a Deep Cleaning

Posted on: November 16, 2017

Gum DentistVisiting a gum dentist may become necessary if you are suffering from gum disease. Gum problems tend to form slowly but once they start, it is difficult, if not impossible for them to go away without medical intervention. The reason boils down to what causes gum disease in the first place. Gum disease is commonly due to a buildup of plaque on the surface of the teeth that is underneath the gum line. Even though people cannot see this portion of the teeth, bacteria and plaque are small enough that they can get between the teeth and the gums. Once there, it is impossible to remove the plaque at home.

Deep cleanings can help

A dentist can perform a deep cleaning. This is where the plaque underneath the gums is broken up and removed. Rather than leaving it on the teeth to continue irritating the gum tissue a dentist can remove the p[laque and make it possible for the gum tissue to begin healing. As long as the plaque remains there, the gums will not be able to heal but only get worse.

If we can identify gum disease early enough when there is some irritation but no pockets in the gums, then it may be possible to treat the condition by performing a deep cleaning. This is truly the best case scenario for any patient because it is a convenient, affordable and fast way to treat gum disease.

How bad are the gums?

There are varying levels of gum disease. Once it has progressed to the point that the gums have begun to recede and pockets have formed in the tissue, more invasive treatment methods are going to be necessary. This can include laser treatments, a gum graft, etc.

At this point, it will be necessary to begin by removing the plaque but then to restore the gum tissue and secure it back around the teeth. If there is not enough gum tissue to work with, then the only option will be to perform a gum grafting procedure using the real or synthetic tissue.

Securing the gums back around the teeth is necessary for protecting them from further decay or infection. Securing the gums is something a gum dentist can do while the patient is under sedation and typically asleep.

What happens if gum disease is not treated?

Some patients avoid receiving gum disease treatment because of concerns over discomfort or the recovery. Avoiding treatment is dangerous and not a good idea. If gum disease does not receive proper treatment, then it will become worse. Once gum disease reaches an advanced state, tooth loss will be the result. In other words, gum disease can impact a person’s total oral health very negatively.

Some people are at a greater risk for this, including:

  • Diabetics
  • Smokers
  • Anyone who drinks alcohol in excess
  • Those with other health problems

Visit for help

It is critical that anyone who is suffering from gum disease visit a gum dentist as quickly as possible for help. That is the best way to begin the recovery process.

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