Bruxism Treatment for a Child

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Why Have Sinus Augmentation When Dental Implants Are Needed?

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When Is Oral Surgery Needed?

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5 Interesting Oral Surgery Facts and Myths

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Bruxism Treatments and Why You Need One

Our bruxism treatments are designed to help patients who regularly grind or clench their teeth while sleeping. This is an incredibly common problem and something that most people do not realize they are doing. Unfortunately, not treating this condition can […] Continue Reading

A Gum Recession Dentist Can Save Your Teeth

A gum recession dentist can treat patients of any age who are suffering from gum disease and gum recession. Gum recession is not something that just impacts elderly patients. It can impact adults of all ages who for one reason […] Continue Reading

Do You Qualify for Implant Dentistry?

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Your Wisdom Teeth Oral Surgery Questions Answered

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Do I Really Need Gum Surgery?

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A Periodontist Can Replace a Permanent Baby Tooth

A small percentage of adults have a permanent baby tooth that should be replaced with a dental implant by a periodontist. Permanent baby teeth are referred to as retained primary teeth and can cause developmental abnormalities or cosmetic defects.Retained primary […] Continue Reading