Repair a Fractured Tooth Quickly

Posted on: February 1, 2018

Fractured ToothA fractured tooth is nothing to ignore. Even if the damage is minor, it is important to visit our office right away so that we can restore the structure of the tooth. Failing to do so creates the risk of additional damage or an infection.

The risk

When a tooth becomes damaged, it is possible for bacteria to enter through the crack or fracture and cause the interior of the tooth to become infected. If bacteria reach the dental pulp, the root may become infected as well and a root canal could become necessary. The infection and the procedure could be entirely unnecessary and is avoidable by simply having the tooth restored right away.

The other risk associated with delaying treatment is that the tooth will sustain more damage. Think of the tooth like a pond that ices over during winter. If the ice is solid, it could be perfectly safe to skate on top of it. However, if there is even one small crack, the slightest pressure may cause the entire ice shelf to break and anyone stepping on top of it to fall through.

In a similar fashion, the enamel of the tooth is incredibly strong and able to withstand all types of pressure. However, cracked or damaged enamel loses its strength and even the slightest pressure could cause the damage to spread. In some cases, a fractured tooth that does not receive treatment can lead to tooth loss.

There are treatment options

After fracturing a tooth, we have the ability to restore both the structure and appearance. We have several treatment methods that allow us to do so, including:

1. Dental crowns

We can place a tooth-colored crown around the tooth to fully restore the functionality of the tooth. Since we can use materials with a tooth color, it is possible for a crown to look entirely natural. We typically recommend a crown when the fracture is large or the damaged tooth is a back molar.

2. Dental veneers

If one of the front teeth cracks, a veneer may be the better solution. A veneer is a porcelain shell that we bond to the surface of the tooth. People will commonly associate veneers with cosmetic dentistry because of their ability to improve the appearance of a person’s smile. However, in addition to improving the appearance of it, veneers can also restore the tooth structure after it sustains damage.

3. Dental bonding

When the damage is minor, it is possible to restore the tooth using bonding material. This is the fastest and least invasive option. We can apply the bonding material and harden it in one visit, making it possible to visit our office and leave with a fully restored\functional tooth. Therefore, we recommend this solution for anyone who is on a tight schedule, for children and for those that suffer from dental anxiety.

Natural looking solutions

All the solutions we offer in our dental office are going to look natural. This makes it possible to restore a fractured tooth without anyone realizing there was damage in the first place.

Schedule an appointment right away

Regardless of which option a patient selects for restoring their tooth, it is important to schedule an appointment right away. This is something that one should handle quickly to ensure that the damage does not spread or an infection form. For help, call our office.

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