What Is Gum Grafting?

Posted on: November 17, 2023

Gum Grafting Odessa, TX

Gum recession is one of the most prevalent periodontal health concerns, often necessitating gum grafting. Gums can recede due to thin gum tissues, excessive brushing, or past orthodontic treatment. Receding gums may expose the roots of the teeth, causing discomfort and the risk of decay if left untreated. A gum graft may help counteract these negative consequences and restore the health of your gums.

An overview of gum grafting

Gum grafting is the suggested treatment for receding gums to prevent exposing the root surfaces of the teeth, which may lead to decay and irritation. Gum grafts repair the gum structure and restore gum health to preserve the teeth's protective barrier.

Gum grafting is a procedure that includes taking a portion of tissue, usually from the roof of the mouth or from other, healthy gums. This tissue is grafted to the receding gum tissue. In essence, it is a quick, two-part operation that involves using healthy tissue already present in the body to address problems and safeguard the rest of the teeth from further deterioration.

Types of gum graft

Gum grafting may be done in various ways, addressing a different periodontal issue. The degree of gum recession, the amount that the cheek may pull on the surgical area during everyday activities, and the nature of the recession all influence what kind of gum transplant is needed.

In every gum graft operation, the donor tissue comes from another section of the mouth and is grafted to the receding gums. Any difference is in the process involved and predicted after-healing benefits. The dentist will go through each gum grafting procedure with the patient and propose the most appropriate one based on the patient's unique situation and oral health history.

Connective tissue graft

Gum grafting with connective tissue necessitates the opening of a tiny flap on the roof of the mouth, referred to as a "trap door." The dentist will use the opening to locate and remove a piece of connective tissue stitched in the place where the gums have receded. This is the most popular gum grafting procedure.

Free gingival transplant

This technique also takes a small amount of tissue from the mouth roof. The distinction is that the utilized tissue comes from the upper layer of the palate and is grafted onto the affected area. This method inhibits future recession by grafting a portion of gum tissue from one area onto another.

Pedicle graft

A pedicle graft includes utilizing a flap to transplant tissue closer to the recession. The flap goes over the receding gum tissue, effectively using tissue already present in the problem location rather than tissue from elsewhere in the mouth, such as the roof.

Pedicle gum grafting is frequently the most effective because it does not disrupt blood flow in the affected tissues. It does require significant healthy gum tissue around the receding region, which is not always available if the recession is extensive.

In conclusion

Gum grafting is a safe and efficient treatment that has been used to treat several instances of receding and thinned gums caused by rigorous brushing and gum disease. Contact the dental office to learn more about the advantages of gum grafting in repairing receding gums.

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