What To Expect at the Tooth Extraction Procedure

Posted on: February 16, 2024

Tooth Extraction Odessa, TX

If you have never sat in the dentist's chair for a tooth extraction, your upcoming procedure may seem unnecessary or too uncomfortable to bear. Remember that the dentist will explain the procedure beforehand and assure an experience that is as comfortable, quick, and painless as possible.

Reasons a tooth may be extracted

The most common reasons for tooth extraction are that the patient has an infection or the patient’s teeth are too crowded. Pulling a tooth, in the former scenario, could save a patient from unnecessary pain and suffering. In the latter case, the tooth extraction can provide room for further dental or orthodontic treatment.

The patient’s gums or teeth are infected

Periodontal disease, which can involve the gums and bones that surround the teeth, is a serious health risk for multiple reasons. If the surrounding decay has caused loose teeth, they may need to be extracted before the gums can be restored to health.

If the patient is at high risk for infection, a dentist may want to remove a suspicious-looking tooth before decay begins. For some patients, like the elderly or immunocompromised, it is necessary to take proactive measures to ensure good health.

The patient’s teeth are crowded

Children often need a tooth extraction or two before they get braces. Their mouths may be too small to place brackets on all of the necessary teeth if the tooth extraction does not take place.

Similarly, tooth extraction may be a part of a complete overhaul of an adult patient's smile. For those who have overly crowded or large teeth, or whose teeth cannot erupt properly because another tooth is blocking its way, this is a scenario in which a dentist might advise an extraction.

What happens during the procedure

The dentist will use different types of equipment to extract the offending tooth. If the tooth is already loosened due to gum decay or periodontal disease, there may not be much work involved. If it is especially hard to remove, the dentist may need to extract it piece by piece.

Removing an erupted tooth

Erupted teeth, due to the fact that they are visible above the gumline, are usually easier to remove than impacted teeth. The dentist will use forceps to loosen the tooth. A tooth may break during this procedure, but this is not generally a cause for worry.

Removing an impacted tooth

An impacted tooth will be more difficult to extract as it has not burst through the layer of gum tissue. The dentist will need to cut away the surrounding tissue in order to break the tooth free, at which point the tooth can usually be pulled out with forceps.


There are several ways to extract a tooth, but after the procedure, the directions the dentist will provide for successful healing are much the same. The patient may be instructed to keep a gauze pad on the socket to stop the bleeding, eat soft foods for a determined amount of time, and follow up with the dentist if additional questions arise.

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