Why Visit a Laser Dentist?

Posted on: October 16, 2017

LaserAs a local laser dentist in Odessa, we are often asked by prospective patients why they should visit us instead of a traditional dentist. When looking for a dentist for your family, it is important to ask these types of questions. Finding the right dentist can make the difference between whether you and your kids are comfortable and want to receive dental care, or whether everyone avoids these frequent trips for teeth cleanings.

Preventative and ongoing dental care is critical to your oral health, so feel free to schedule an appointment with our dental office for a consultation so you can find out what makes us better. In the meantime, here are a few distinct advantages of visiting our laser dentistry office.

Benefits from a laser dentistry office


For many people, a trip to the dentist can be full of anxiety from memories of a poor childhood experience or a fear of the noise, pressure, and heat of the dental drill. We can eliminate these basic fears with help from laser dentistry. By using a laser to treat cavities, gum disease, whiten teeth, and more, we are able to do away with the dental drill and many other common dental tools that cause anxiety. As a result, we find that patients are more likely to come in when they have a problem.

More comfortable

As a laser dentist, we can perform the same procedures in a way that is more comfortable. So much so, many of our patients no longer need medication for various procedures. One of the most significant examples of this is when it comes to treating gum disease. When plaque and tartar build up underneath the gums, they can become red, swollen, inflamed, start to bleed, or even recede. This can be uncomfortable and dangerous to oral health.

Traditionally, this is treated by having the gums pulled away from the tooth structure and metal dental tools scraping plaque and tartar off of the tooth structure. Understandably, the procedure itself can irritate the gums and be incredibly uncomfortable, but not with laser dentistry. We can use a laser to break up the tartar and plaque without irritating the gums and while simultaneously promoting the healing process.

Increased accuracy

Regardless of a dentist’s skill, there is always a chance of irritating the surrounding tissue during a dental procedure. As a laser dentist, the laser energy we use is so fine to increase the accuracy level and significantly decrease the risk of irritation. In fact, even if the laser does come in contact with surrounding gum tissue, it should not irritate it or cause it to bleed.

Faster recovery

As a laser dentist, we can use lasers while performing more intensive procedures. Lasers can be used to help stop the gums from bleeding, which is ideal in any type of surgical situation or when trying to remove an infection. This promotes a faster recovery time.

Teeth whitening

Lasers also activate the whitening solution for a faster and more effective teeth whitening treatment.

To schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of laser dentistry firsthand, give our office a call at (432) 538-3318.